Top 15 Travel Vloggers in Bangladesh (Ranked in 2023)

In the contemporary world, with the rise of social media platforms such as vines, YouTube and later, Facebook and Instagram, creating video blogs shortly termed as ‘vlogs’ became a very popular practice amongst the social media users. Among the diverse categories of vlogs, travel vlogs are one of the most popular types of vlog.

Travel vlogs are the recorded travel experiences of individuals, where they express their adventures, travel tips, and new information amongst their viewers. These types of vlogs have achieved significant presence within Bangladesh too.

This article elaborates on the top travel vloggers in Bangladesh.

1. Salahuddin Sumon – 1.33 Million Subscribers

Salahuddin Sumon is one of the Travel Vloggers in Bangladesh

Salahuddin Sumon is one of the most prominent and renowned vloggers of Bangladesh. His vlogs consist of contents traversing travel experiences from unique places of historical importance, cultures and the environment. His videos are well regarded for his highlighting of the rich history of Bengal.

2. Nadir on The Go – 1 Million Subscribers

Nadir on The Go by Nadir, is one of the most famous travel vloggers of the country. His vlogs make up unique historical places, cultures, and the utilization of effective cinematography. His videos are uploaded both on YouTube and Facebook platforms of social media. He is very famous amongst the youth for his quality travel contents.

3. Petuk Couple – 733,000 Subscribers

Formally a food vlogger, Petuk couple is also a big name when it comes to travel vlogging. The channel is run by Rasif Shafique and Ridima Ipsha. Their travels center around exotic family-friendly locations, highly substantiated by the local cuisines of those locations as well.

4. TravelWithShishirDeb – 616,000 Subscribers

TravelWithShishirDeb is a travel vlog channel run by Shishir Deb. In his vlogs, travel experiences, context of locations and travel guiding are significant contents. His vlogs center around Bangladesh and neighboring countries.

5. BD Travellers – 601,000 Subscribers

bd travellers run by Ziaul Hoque, is one of the leading travel vlogs of Bangladesh. The vlogs substantiate on contents relating to family travel throughout numerous countries around Asia and within Bangladesh itself. The vlogs on this channel elaborate on exploring family-friendly food and hotels, detailing on budgeting the trip and exploring places.

6. Vromon guide – 392,000 Subscribers

Vromon guide

Vromon guide is a popular vlog channel that features contents exploring popular and attractive travel places in Bangladesh. The channel provides travel advice about where to stay, where to eat, where to go, and more on what to do and what not to do.

7. Mr. Mixer’s World – 371,000 Subscribers

Mr. Mixer’s World is one of the most popular travel vlogs of Bangladesh. The vlogger’s real name Haider Rashik, an avid traveler. The vlogs are mostly about sharing travel experiences, guides potential travelers through numerous travel advices and protocols to make their voyage easier and enjoyable.

8. Sayem’s World – 365,000 Subscribers

Sayem’s World is one of the most recognized vloggers of Bangladesh. The vlog is run by Sayem, a software engineer by profession and an avid traveler by hobby. His vlogs feature content about travel experiences, travel guides, and medical tourism information.

9. Dr. Salman Mahi Ruhul Kawser – 364,000 Subscribers

Traveling all over Bangladesh, exploring local cuisines and guiding potential travelers through his experiences, Dr. Salman Mahi Ruhul Kawser is one of the most popular travel vloggers of Bangladesh. His vlogs detail exploring the many places and cultures within Bangladesh, particularly the food cuisines.

10. Tiham Traveler – 296 Subscribers

Tiham Traveler

Sharing adventures through cinematography and in Bangla, Tiham traveler is one of the most recognized travel vlogs in Bangladesh. His vlogs feature travel experiences about unique locations of historical significance and natural beauty, in high-quality cinematography.

11. Araf Intisar Dipto – 259,000 subscribers

Making videos since 2019, Araf Intisar Dipto is a leading travel vlogger of Bangladesh. His vlogs include traveling to unique locations and tourist-friendly places. In many of his vlogs he is accompanied by his friends and family.

12. Labib Hossain Joy – 256,000 Subscribers

Labib Hossain Joy is one of the most renowned travel vloggers from Dhaka. His vlogs feature contents highlighting numerous unique travel locations within Bangladesh, particularly within the rural landscape and touristy places with a strong emphasis on traveling on a budget.

13. Tinku choudhury – 173,000 Subscribers

Tinku Choudhury is a popular Bangladeshi travel vlogger based in New York. His vlogs explore unique locations within the US and everyday life of a Bengali living in the US. Furthermore, his high quality cinematography skills make his content enriched and enhanced, more comprehensible and enjoyable for his audience.

14. Jannat The Lunatic Traveler – 100,000 Subscribers

The Lunatic Traveler

Jannat The Lunatic Traveler by Jannatul Ferdous Jannat , is a renowned female vlogger of Bangladesh. Her channel opened up in 2016, and since then she has been uploading numerous travel vlogs on her travels to numerous destinations within Bangladesh and outside of Bangladesh. Her vlogs focus more on the cultural learning from her travels and her experiences.

15. Bangali Babu – 93,000 Subscribers

Bangali Babu by Mahfuzur Rahman Mukul, is one of the fastest rising travel vloggers of Bangladesh. His vlogs impart his travel experiences for the benefit of new travelers, aiding them to make the best deals while traveling, from choosing the right hotel and restaurants when on the go.

Travel vloggers do a great service to new travelers by disbursing their knowledge in an organized and interactive way through their vlogs. Their vlogs have assisted many travelers in making their plans and in making their travel successful.

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