12 Best Seafood Restaurants in Dhaka, BD (List of 2023)

Seafood is considered a rich and exquisite delicacy within the roots of the Bengali culture. This case is even more true for Dhaka, a city standing hundreds of miles away from the sea.

Leveraging this demand for seafood, numerous entrepreneurs have invested heavily to transform the gastronomical landscape of this city, by introducing remarkable seafood restaurants in Dhaka.

1. The Manhattan Fish Market Bangladesh

The Manhattan Fish Market is one of the Best Seafood Restaurants in Dhaka

The Manhattan Fish Market is an international food chain restaurant that specializes in American-style seafood delicacies with outlets spanning Asia. The objective of this restaurant is to appease the taste buds of customers demanding quality seafood at affordable rates.

Garnering immense popularity for its dishes like Fish N Chips and Dory fish items, along with constant innovations to their menu, the restaurant has two exclusive branches in Dhanmondi and Banani. It is unquestionably one of the country’s favorite seafood restaurants.

2. Deck 13

Located at the heart of Dhanmondi, Deck-13 is a restaurant renowned for its market-fresh seafood cuisines. From exotic fish meals such as grilled pink Salmon to wood-grilled specialties like T-Bone steaks, they’ve got your back.

With an ambiance and interior evoking the imagination of a ship sailing on the high seas, Deck-13 is definitely a seafood restaurant that you must try out.

3. Fish & Co. Bangladesh

Fish & Co. Bangladesh

Being a family-oriented restaurant with a casual and nautical ambiance, Fish and Co specialize in making one of the best Mediterranean cuisines in the country. The restaurant is a part of the broader international food chain that spans over eight countries, including Bangladesh. Its goal is to prepare the most straightforward, simple, and freshest seafood for its guests, with the utmost hospitality.

Items such as ‘Fried Calamari’, ‘Baked Salmon with Crystal Crust’,’fried mussels’, and their scrumptious seafood platters are the most demanded seafood items, desired by its customers. The restaurant is located in Gulshan South Avenue of Dhaka.

4. Ohana Diner

Located in Dhanmondi, Ohana Diner is one of the most trending seafood restaurants in Dhaka, at the most affordable rates. Adorned with an oceanic theme, the décor of the restaurant sets the ambiance for its specialty, Hawaiian cuisine.

Its most renowned and bestseller items includes ‘Suicide Octopus’, ‘Blue Mussels with Spaghetti’, the classic fish and chips, and more. If you are looking for exotic seafood at the most affordable rates, Ohana Diner is your go-to place.

5. Barcode CAFE

Barcode CAFE

After reigning as one of the most renowned restaurants of Chittagong, Barcode CAFE has been warmly embraced in Dhaka, as well. Establishing itself with its continental cuisines, the restaurant has been highly sought after by seafood lovers.

Scrumptious dishes such as ‘Calamari with Linguine Pasta’, ‘Fresh Lobster Thermidor’, ‘King Fish Steak’ are some of the restaurant’s bestsellers. Being located in Banani in Dhaka with its family-friendly ambiance, this is definitely a place to be visited.

6. Saltz Fine Seafood

Famed for its Continental, Asian, and European-styled Seafood cuisines, Saltz is a premium seafood restaurant satisfying the most exotic and unique tastes.

From its dishes such as lobster thermidor to ‘Pesto-Pangash!’ and ‘Totally Telapia’ to its seafood platters, Saltz provides a premium fine dining experience covering a range of exotic selections. With a marine-themed décor, situated in Gulshan Avenue, Saltz is definitely a place worth visiting.

7. 138 East

Being one of the few pioneering gastro-pubs in Bangladesh, 138 East is one of the best upscale restaurants in Dhaka for casual dining. The restaurant specializes in American and European fusion cuisines. 138 East provides one of the most serene and hospitable ambiances for its guests.

Despite not being an entirely seafood-based restaurant, the place is highly renowned for its seafood dishes. The crowd favorites include ‘seafood salad’, ‘prawn on fire’, ‘stuffed crab’, and more. The restaurant is located on Gulshan avenue, and is a must-visit place for any seafood enthusiast.

8. Fools Diner

Situated in Banani, ‘Fools Diner’ is an exquisite restaurant specializing on the Japanese cuisine. Boasting a rustic interior, the place gives off the ambiance of a classical Japanese restaurant that promotes serenity.

Fool’s Diner is renowned for its seafood items-based menu, its best dishes include ‘Seafood Pad Thai’, ‘Seafood Salad’, and its seafood bento box and sushi items. It is an amazing place to visit and enjoy delicious seafood items, be it alone or with companions.

9. Florentine

Located on the Tejgaon-Gulshan Link Road, Florentine is a restaurant specializing in French and Italian cuisine. Its modern and relaxing décor concocts a soothing ambiance and an excellent fine dining experience.

Some of its bestselling items include ‘mango avocado salad’, ‘Red Snapper with Salsa Verd’ and ‘Chilli Garlic Prawn’. It is a great place to lay back and cherish good seafood.

10. Koreana

Koreana is an authentic Korean cuisine restaurant situated in Gulshan. The Korean style décor of the restaurant compliments the authenticity of its dishes and adds to its ambiance.

Some of the most popular dishes of the restaurant include, ‘Seafood Soup with Sticky Rice’, ‘Stir Fried Squid’, and the ‘Cuttlefish Jumulleok’ and more. If you are someone craving some Korean styled seafoods, Koreana is your place to go.

11. Sushi Tei Bangladesh

Located in Gulshan, Sushi Tei Bangladesh is an international restaurant chain of Sushi Tei that provides an authentic Japanese cuisine experience in one of the hospitable ambiances. Its modern, simple, and green décor adds to its peaceful environment.

It provides classical Japanese dishes in their most premium form. The renowned is famous for their Japanese seafood dishes in particular, such as ‘salmon carpaccio’, ‘Spicy Salmon Maki’, ‘Prawn Maki Roll’. If you’re looking forward to fine-dine on Japanese-styled seafood dishes with the best ambiance, Sushi Tei is your place to go for.

12. Sao 26

SAO 26 is a seafood restaurant specializing in continental cuisine. The restaurant aims to provide exquisite sea and continental dishes at affordable prices, with the best ambiance. The restaurant is built on the theme of a medieval shipyard with inspiration from the sea, complementing its continental and seafood experience. Situated in Uttara, SAO 26 enjoys an open view of the Uttara Lake, adding immensely to the ambiance of the entire place.

Some of the most popular bestseller seafood dishes of the restaurant are ‘fish and chips’, ‘Garlic Prawn with Fries’ and ‘The Snapper’. Undoubtedly, Sao 26 is a gem of a seafood restaurant that you must visit.

Seafood restaurants add significant character and color to Dhaka’s gastronomical definitions. Once limited to very rare and traditional seafood restaurants, the city now teems with a growing number of new and innovative restaurants of the same category. Thereby, enriching and attributing more opportunities and experiences for its residents to enjoy.

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