13 Best Buffet Restaurants in Dhanmondi, Dhaka (List of 2023)

Are you hungry for an all you can eat buffet? If You are looking for buffet restaurants in Dhanmondi, here are the best suggestions I could come up with.

I have worked hard to give you a list of buffet restaurants in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. So, I present to you the best buffet restaurants in Dhanmondi you should try once to meet your cravings.

1. Buffet Lounge

Buffet Lounge is one of the Best Buffet Restaurants in Dhanmondi

One of the cheapest buffets at a very attractive price. Some items tasted quite good considering the price. The Restaurant Inner side space is tinny, so better you avoid it if you plan to come with a large group. I will recommend it for small groups and if you want a good taste on a low budget.

2. The Cafe Rio

This is one of the best decorated buffet restaurants in Dhanmondi. The ambiance is good with friendly staff. They have good accommodations but get very crowded during peak hours. You must book your seat before going there. However, most of the items consisted of chicken and the dessert items are average.

3. White Hall Buffet

White Hall Buffet

If you are a dessert lover then you should visit this place to satisfy your sweet tooth. However, they offer only 55+ items whereas other buffet restaurants in Dhanmondi offer more in this price range. But if you want to enjoy your buffet in a quiet & comfortable place then this is the place for you.

4. Buffet Mania

Another best place to have a buffet at a cheap price. Well decorated restaurants that is why people like to take pictures besides enjoying their food there. The must-try items are beef and chicken kabab.

5. The Forest Lounge

Here you will get nature or forest-type vibes. The best time to have your food here is at night. Because night lighting brings an extra dimension to your experience. They have separate open air sections. They had more than 100 items with unlimited soft drinks. If you like a cozy low light environment with music this is one of the best buffet restaurants in Dhanmondi.

6. Garlic & Ginger

Garlic & Ginger

This one is my favorite because of its delicious food. Moreover, they provide some special dishes every day. The last time I visited they provide Nehari, and I loved that. Although the price seemed a bit high but trust me you will not be disappointed.

7. Royal Buffet

I went there several times, the food taste was above average. There is a separate section for kabab and dosha. Lots of deserts are available too. The atmosphere is good, and not busy too much.  They have a good amount of seating arrangements. A good place to hang out with your love onces. 

8. Buffet Stories

This is one of the best budget friendly buffet restaurants in Dhanmondi. They provide premium quality food with good service. There is a separate corner for the kids too. Their dessert section is also good.  No need to hurry about getting all the food at once because they refill the food as soon as it becomes empty.

9. Spicy Ramna

I think this one is an underrated place that should include in the list of best buffet restaurants in Dhanmondi. They provide different cuisines. I would recommend it for a family or friends get together. The restaurant is well maintained and clean with a great interior and nice ambiance.

10. Absolute BBQ BD

If you like BBQ and Kabab items this one is the perfect place for you. They provide 40+ items that include appetizers, main course, drinks, salad, and dessert. In my opinion, this is an overrated place as some of the restaurants provide more options within this price range. I think that is why most of the time I found this restaurant empty. 

11. Culinary

Another reasonable buffet restaurants in Dhanmondi. The main courses are average but their real attraction is the table-served kabab.  They serve 100+ items and capacity to arrange a party for around 150 people. My experience here is good and they refill each item several times.

12. S’mores Cafe & Restaurant

In my opinion, a buffet with limited but well-prepared food is better than having 100+ items of average quality. That is why I like this one. Most of the items are exquisitely good with elegant and rich decor.

13. The Aristocrat Lounge

I was saving the best for the last. This is one of the top-rated buffet restaurants in Dhanmondi nowadays. Because their food quality is better than other competitive buffets in the price range. This buffet maintains the quality of its food. Good seating arrangement with great hospitality from their staff.

Please “Don’t waste your food”. My suggestion is that first take a small amount of an item. Then if you like it go for it.

Taste varies from person to person. Here I am sharing my personal experience with you. Did I miss something? Feel free to comment so that I can visit those buffet restaurants in Dhanmondi and enhance my experience.

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