13 Best Resorts near Dhaka City, BD (2023 Edition)

Growing into a cosmopolitan city, the residents of Dhaka have been engulfed in a trait of rush, chaotic traffic, and stressed schedules. To take respite from the hectic routines of everyday life, resorts are a great option.

In recent times, numerous exquisite resorts have been built on the outskirts of Dhaka that provide the much-needed refreshment and ambiance from the everyday hectic city life.

Here goes the list of best resorts near Dhaka city that you can visit by tomorrow or even today.

1. Sarah Resorts

Sarah Resorts

Located on the outskirts of Dhaka in Rajbari of Gazipur, Sarah Resort is one of the most luxurious resorts providing villas and cottages draping every essence of luxury and comfort.

The resort comes with amenities such as canoeing, boating, water sports, cycling, and more. It even provides a kids zone and designated car parking to ensure your utmost comfort either alone or with good company.

2. Bhawal Resorts & Spa

Bhawal Resorts & Spa

Located in Gazipur and only an hour’s drive away from Dhaka, Bhawal resort and Spa offers a refreshing and relaxing outdoor experience. With 61 cottages segmented into 7 categories, a diverse variety of options are put forward by the resort to suit one’s needs.

Moreover, one can expect to get amenities like a pool, gym, health center, spa, café, and more to complement their stay. It is a great place to enjoy a quiet stay amidst the green landscape of nature.

3. The Base Camp

Situated on the outskirts of Dhaka in Rajendrapur of Gazipur, the base camp offers an exquisite array of ACTIVITIES and an ambient retreat along a natural landscape. The place offers activities such as ziplining, kayaking, campfire, archery, human foosball, and more. The place promises an experience full of adventure and relaxation through its energetic activities and natural landscape.

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4. Rajendra Eco Resort and Village

Rajendra Eco Resort and Village

Situated at Bhabanipur Bazaar of Gazipur on the outskirts of Dhaka, Rajendra Eco Resort & Village is one of the Best Resorts in Bangladesh. Established in 2009, the resort offers a completely green landscape where people can be one with nature under the greatest amenities and security.

Rajendra Eco Resorts & Village is composed of 57 cottages and amenities ranging from fishing, organic farming, swimming pools, mud/ clay houses with spa & massage facilities, and more. The resort offers a green retreat for a relaxing serene experience.

5. Dream Square Resort

Only a 50 kilometers drive away from Dhaka, Dream Square Resort is located in Mawna of Gazipur. The resort is embraced by a natural landscape boasting numerous trees and a cardamom plantation. It offers a wide variety of amenities ranging from cycling, jacuzzi, conference halls, gymnasium, and more to complement your stay. Dream Square Resort promises you a retreat into nature that burgeons into an experience of serenity.

6. Angana Resort

Located in Kapashia of Gazipur, Angana resort is a tranquil retreat only an hour’s drive away from the busy monotonic city life of Dhaka. The resort is built on 8 acres of purely natural landscape offering amenities such as a majestic garden, pond, playground, swimming pool, badminton court, a deer park, and more. It is a great place to relax and embrace the beauty of nature.

7. Third Terrace Resort

Only a 30 minutes drive away from Dhaka, the Third Terrace Resort lies in Gazipur amidst the Shalbon forests near the Bhawal National Park. The resort echoes tranquility and the essence of nature. It offers numerous amenities such as boat riding, fishing, indoor games, conference center, BBQ, and more. Third Terrace Resort is an amazing destination, be it for a soothing family day out or a business event.

8. Reverie Holiday Resorts

Only an hour’s drive away from Dhaka, Reverie Holiday Resorts is located in Salna of Gazipur. The Resort is built on 5 acres of lush greenery consisting of agricultural fields, forest, fruit and flower trees, a beautiful pond, and more, offering a serene retreat be it for a picnic, family day out, or corporate event.

9. Neel Komol Resort

Neel Komol Resort is a resort of noiseless calm beauty where you can hear the racket of the firefly in the evening, and it is not very far from Dhaka too. There you can find a rooftop swimming pool, tree house chat room, pool party, and a beautiful large pond with facilities for boating and riding. It’s situated at Ratanpur, Gazipur where you can go easily to get rid of from monotonous life.

10. Kaalmegha Country Club And Resorts

Located in Sreepur of Gazipur, Kaalmegha Country Club And Resorts is only a 2-hour drive away from Dhaka. Built on 17 acres of land surrounded by the Kaalmegha forest, the resort is meticulously crafted to ensure the utmost pleasure and luxury for its guests.

The resort provides amenities such as hiking, outdoor and indoor sports, cycling, fishing, and more. It is definitely a place to take a respite and rejuvenate one’s soul and mind.

11. Chuti Resorts

Located 18 kilometers away from Dhaka in Sukundi village of Gazipur, Chuti resort is built on 54 bighas of land embracing nature and all that it entails. The resort is built under the blissful shades of the Shal forests, promising an ambiance of serenity that mixes with nature.

To complement one’s stay, amenities such as horse riding, cycling, fishing, horse riding, boating, and more are offered. Undoubtedly, Chuti Resorts makes for a great place to take a respite from the everyday monotonic life and enjoy nature.

12. Dhaka Resort

Established only 55 kilometers away from Dhaka city in Kaliakair of Gazipur, Dhaka resort is an exquisite natural escape that provides you with a pleasant and calming experience, amidst the natural shades of the rain forest of Bhawal Ghor.

The place comes with different varieties of residences, picnic spots, and amenities such as pools, fishing activities, tent living, and more, that are sure to make your stay worthwhile. It offers a peaceful respite from the busy schedules of everyday life, and a moment to experience nature comprehensively.

13. Aronnobash

Located 18 kilometers away from Dhaka in Pubail of Gazipur, Aronnobash is an exquisite picnic spot and resort for taking a retreat away from the hectic city life. Offering numerous amenities such as fishing, hiking, indoor and outdoor sports, and more, Aronnobash provides an enthralling experience to its guests. It is a fantastic place to enjoy a cozy ambiance immersed in nature.

The addition of these resorts around Dhaka has made the city more appealing. The option to take a retreat from the everyday busy schedule has certainly added to the joy of its residents.

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