10 Best Public Parks in Dhaka, BD (List of 2023)

Are you tired from the hustle and bustle of Dhaka city? Do you want to refresh your mind and enjoy a nice walk amid the natural beauty of Dhaka? Your best escape for a quick stroll or a mini picnic with your friend is the park. 

Check out this list of the best public parks in Dhaka where you can enjoy some leisure time. 

1. Ramna Park

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Ramna Park is one of the best public parks in Dhaka, BD.

Ramna Park is a large forested area in the heart of Dhaka city. People living there such as Ramna, Paltan, Eskaton and other nearby areas go to the park to enjoy a fresh breath in the beautiful atmosphere. This park has become a historical park of the area and in the evening, many street food vendors sell tasty food outside the park gate. 

2. Chandrima Uddan

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Chandrima Uddan is located opposite to the national parliament house in Dhaka. The park is a blessing amid the chaotic city. For morning walks, it is an amazing spot to stroll and bask under the sun. The park opens at 6 am in the morning and closes at 9 pm at night. 

3. Bahadur Shah Park

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Bahadur Shah Park is situated in Laxmibazar, amid the bustle of Old Dhaka. Enriched as a historical area, the park was formerly named Victoria Park. During the British period, the park was built by the Nawab family who decorated the area with flowers and many trees. To enjoy the historical vibe, this park is one of a kind.

4. Dhanmondi Lake Park

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Dhanmondi Lake Park

Right at the heart of Dhaka city is Dhanmondi area, and the Dhanmondi Lake Park is a unique park. With stunning views and beautiful atmosphere, this park is the best place to hangout with friends, enjoy a walk with family or spend some leisure time by yourself. The lake’s view in the evening is incredible and you can even enjoy a boat ride from the park’s corner. 

5. Hatirjheel Park

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With picturesque views and beautiful architectural beauty, Hatirjheel Park is a one of a kind park. Built a few years ago, this park has become a popular recreational spot for many people across the neighborhoods of Gulshan, Mohakhali and Rampura. At night, the park’s outside area is occupied by street food stalls. 

6. Gulshan Lake Park

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To enjoy a time in serenity, Gulshan Lake Park is a highly recommended park. The lake is stunning to look at and the nearby forestry area makes it the perfect space to enjoy some leisure time. You can walk or meditate in the area. Many enjoy picnics under the shade of the trees. 

7. National Botanical Garden

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National Botanical Garden

For botany lovers, the National Botanical Garden is the best spot to visit. This park is located near the Dhaka zoo. Spread across 205 acres of land, this park has a collection of over 100 species of home and foreign plants. From stunning roses to different types of bamboo trees, this park has it all. 

8. Diabari Uttara

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To absorb the natural charm of Uttara, Diabari Uttara is the spot to visit. Through the residential area of Uttara, you will find the Diabari Uttara where you can enjoy the rural beauty of nature. Away from the city townsmen, this park is an open area to enjoy outing or take a fresh breath. 

9. Purbachal New Town

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To refresh your mind and soul, Purbachal New Town is an amazing place to go to. With greenery surrounding the area, this park provides you a natural vibe which is hard to find elsewhere. You can even buy fresh fish and vegetables from near the park. 

10. Baldha Garden

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Baldha Garden

With immense natural beauty, Baldha Garden is a great place for wandering souls who are looking for nature. The park has natural outpourings of enchanting ecosystems. Huge plants and different animals can be found here. With a unique mixture of maples and birds, this place is one of a kind. 

The best way for city dwellers to boost their mood and pacify their soul from the chaos of the city is to visit parks. You can pick any of the listed public parks in Dhaka to enjoy a great time. 

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