The reasons behind release of MV Abdullah in relatively short time

There is very little precedent for the release of a hijacked ship within one month off the coast of Somalia. Taking this into account, MV Abdullah was released in a relatively short time. Officials involved in the settlement process believe that the previous experience of the ship’s owning company, the KSRM Group, and mounting pressure on the pirates has sped up the process.

The Somali pirates hijacked the Bangladeshi ship MV Abdullah along with its 23 crew members from the Indian Ocean on 12 March. The pirates left the ship with ransom at around 12:08 am local time on Saturday. The pirates left the ship 32 days after taking it hostage from the Indian Ocean. The Somali pirates hijacked MV Jahan Moni, also owned by KSRM Group, in 2010. It took the authorities 99 days to free that ship.

On 16 March, a commando operation by the Indian Navy rescued a Bulgarian ship named MV Rouen. The ship was held hostage for three months. Earlier, the pirates hijacked an Israeli ship but were unsuccessful. The ship was rescued by the International Navy after a day.

Piracy off the coast of Somalia peaked between 2009 and 2012. The piracy came down to zero after 2012. Two ships were hijacked in 2017 but were later rescued. During the peak of piracy, it took several months on average to rescue a hijacked ship.

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