Metro Rail Paragraph in English for ssc, hsc, 9 10 and all

Dear students, today we will know the Metro Rail Paragraph for ssc. Metro rail is very important for any country. Metro rail plays an important role in reducing traffic congestion in particular. So the metro rail paragraph in English is needed for us.

Metro Rail Paragraph 2022

Dhaka is a city of traffic congestion. A lot of time is spent on traffic every day. For this, it is necessary to work on removing traffic congestion. Metro rail is one such step. Metro rail will play an important role in reducing the pressure of a large number of passengers and vehicles in Dhaka. Work on the metro rail began on June 26, 2016.

The metro rail is made of steel or concrete. Metro rail is one of the fastest ways to commute to big cities. The importance of metro rail is immense. Time is very important for people. Time does not wait for anyone. But if you spend time in traffic, it is harmful for you. Traffic congestion is also a threat to examinees. The traffic congestion is more severe when there are passengers in the ambulance. There are thousands of traffic problems. So we all want to get rid of this traffic. For this, the government of each country takes different steps. Similarly, metro rail is a landmark step for Bangladesh. After a certain time, the metro starts its journey from the railway station. The metro rail runs very fast. That’s why we’ll save time. Since most people prefer metro rail, the pressure of people on roads will reduce. This will reduce traffic congestion on the road. The metro rail can carry more than 60,000 passengers. There will be a total of 16 stations in the city. The total length of metro rail will be 20 km and the line will go up to Motijheel.

Even after many years of independence, our country is full of traffic congestion. That’s why metro rail was so much needed for us. Even if it is late, it is a matter of hope. If the metro rail is fully operational, Dhaka city will be suitable for living. Therefore, the need for metro rail is immense.

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