Is Cats can talk?

Cats can’t speak human language, but they do modify their meows to mimic human words. For example, a cat that hears “no” from its owner may learn to use “mow” in a low tone. Cats also communicate with other ways, such as:
  • Meowing
    Kittens meow to their mothers to let them know they are hungry or cold. Adult cats typically meow at their human family members. For example, a cat may meow to ask for food, whine to ask for more pets, or hiss to tell you to back off.
  • Chattering
    Some cat breeds, such as the Russian Blue and the Siamese, are very vocal and will chatter with you all day. Other chatty cats may chirp or twill. They may ask about your day when you come home or tell a critter outside their window to move along.
  • Socialization
    Kittens who are handled often and well socialized may turn into more vocal adults. Cats can also become increasingly vocal as they age.

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