Apple warned not to throttle charging and data speeds of non-MFi (made for iPhone) USB-C cables

Here we go again: Current rumors suggest that Apple might be planning to throttle data and charging speeds on USB-C cables that don’t have the MFi badge. The certification is Apple’s way of ensuring devices and accessories are safe to use with iPhones. There is no official indication that it will hinder uncertified devices, but the European Commission isn’t taking any chances.

In 2022, the EU enacted legislation requiring electronic devices supporting wired charging to come equipped with a USB-C port. While lawmakers didn’t name Apple explicitly, it is the only OEM still hanging on to a proprietary charging system. Apple has until the end of next year to comply, but the company will likely switch from Lightning to USB-C with the upcoming iPhone 15 later this year.

However, reliable leaker, ShrimpApplePro tweeted in February that the tech titan is planning to throttle charging speeds and data transfer rates on USB-C cables unless they are certified MFi (made for iPhone). The rumor seemed credible since Apple has long had a chip in iPhones that detects whether or not an accessory is MFi-certified.

A month later, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed that Apple is “optimizing” the speed of MFi chargers for the iPhone 15.

“I believe Apple will optimize the fast charging performance of MFi-certified chargers for the iPhone 15,” Kuo wrote in a March blog post.

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