Top 9 Agriculture Startups in Bangladesh (2023 Edition)

Despite its rapid industrialization Bangladesh is a country where around 40% of the entire labor force is employed in the agricultural sector, the sector comprises around 12% of the country’s entire GDP. Thereby, even a minor improvement within the sector can have enormous impact towards the improvement for millions of lives engaged in this sector.

In Bangladesh, Agricultural startups are new technologically enhanced startups that promise to improve and increase effectiveness of the entire agricultural sector. This article elaborates on the top agriculture startups in Bangladesh.

1. iFarmer

iFarmer is one of the leading agriculture startups in Bangladesh.

iFarmer is is one of the leading agriculture startups in Bangladesh, and a leading Agri-fintech startup that intertwines finance and agriculture through enabling individuals to become farm sponsors and connect with farmers, and invest in agriculture digitally. In addition to normal interest-based financing, iFarmer also provides the choice for shariah-based financing as well. It

2. Agroshift

Agroshift is a Business to Business agri-market startup that helps farmers sell their produce to businesses and consumers by the creation of their tech-enabled supply chain. It is one of the top agriculture startups in Bangladesh.

Their model eliminates the need for retail touchpoints, instead providing digital ordering kiosks and lean drop-off points within factory premises, thus increasing efficiency manifolds.

3. Fashol

Fashol is a retail agro-tech startup that provides a wholesale market for retailers of fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural produce from their distribution centers. The company highly reduces wastage of agricultural produce and offers the products at a lower price.

Till date, has served over 10,000 farmers and over 5,000 farmers, and has more than 13 distribution centers.

4. iPageGlobal

iPageGlobal is an agro-tech startup that connects farmers to their final customers through machine learning and AI. The company’s objective is to help farmers produce efficiently and abridge the gap between the production and distribution nodes, cutting down intermediaries, through the use of technology.

5. FarmNet

FarmNet is one of the leading Agri-fintech startups in Bangladesh. They connect smallholder farmers with their consumers and investors for effective and efficient agricultural production.

Moreover, they offer secured micro investments, with high rates of interest, invested upon fully trained and supported farmers equipped with utmost dedication and the knowledge of advanced farming technologies.


WeGro is a technology-based Bangladeshi agricultural startup that connects farmers to their investors, with a vision to improve everyone’s lives associated with the agricultural supply chain. The company provides farmers with access to investors, markets, quality input and the necessary data.

Alternately, it provides investors the opportunity to invest in farms with high return secured investments, and an opportunity to improve the agricultural supply chain.

7. Farming Future Bangladesh (FFB)

Farming Future Bangladesh (FFB) is an agro-based initiative aimed at improving awareness about modern agricultural innovations in Bangladesh. The startup does policy advocacy, knowledge and capacity building on agriculture, health and nutrition advocacy, youth empowerment, and more.

8. InsureCow

InsureCow is a completely technology-powered cattle insurance and wellbeing monitoring platform. The startup allows farmers, NGOs, and other financial institutions to register their cattle for insurance through their website.

The main aim of the company is to ensure a sustainable and resilient agrarian future by increasing the farmers access to finance, technology & information, leading to their financial security.

9. Deshifarmer

Deshifarmer is a Bangladeshi Tech-enabled fresh produce supply chain startup. It connects rural farmers with retailers to supply their produce at the best prices with the utmost efficiency, while benefitting farmers, retailers & consumers. The company caters to both farmers and businesses as well as consumers.

Agricultural startups such as the ones mentioned above play a huge role in improving the agricultural productivity of the country as well as the entire sector itself. Startups such as these not only make the sector efficient by cutting down on the middlemen or creating better logistical networks, but also provide small farmers with desperately needed financing and capital, that has a direct role in increasing the agricultural productivity.

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