A year since deal inked, Greece yet to hire Bangladeshis

A year has passed since a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between Bangladesh and Greece for the latter to recruit Bangladeshi migrant workers. However, Greece is yet to initiate the process.

As per the MoU, signed in February last year in Dhaka, Greece is supposed to hire 4,000 workers from Bangladesh each year.

According to the Bangladesh embassy in Athens, the recruitment could not be started because of difficulties in visa issuance, since Greece does not have an embassy in Bangladesh.

To resolve the problem, Bangladesh has suggested that Greece open a visa forwarding service (VFS) in Dhaka, said officials at the Bangladesh mission. Currently, Bangladeshis need to submit visa applications to the Greece embassy in India to enter the country.

Bangladesh Ambassador in Greece Ashud Ahmed recently said the mission has been in talks with Greece to find a way to start the recruitment process. Greece is considering Bangladesh’s suggestion to open a VFS in Dhaka, the ambassador told this newspaper over phone.

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