12 Best IELTS Coaching Centers in Dhaka (2023 Edition)

The International English Language Testing System or commonly known as IELTS is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers. It is one of the major English-language tests in the world.

With the help of IELTS, candidates are examined on their ability to listen, write, read, and speak. It is jointly managed by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English. In Bangladesh IELTS candidates usually avail the IELTS test under the British Council or IDP: IELTS Australia.

The standard IELTS exam under both the British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia costs around BDT 18750.

This article elaborates on the top IELTS coaching centers in Dhaka, that assists students to do well in their IELTS examinations.

1. British council

British Council  is one of the Best IELTS Coaching Centers in Dhaka.

Founded in 1951, British Council Bangladesh is the Bangladeshi branch of the British Council that provides English and British Education and takes part in cultural exchanges. It is located on Fuller road of Dhaka.

Alongside holding the official IELTS examinations in Bangladesh, the British council also offers IELTS coaching services with highly trained teachers and dedicated English learning materials that are disseminated both online and offline. The British Council also offers assessments through sequential IELTS mock exams and graded practice sessions.

2. St. John’s Tutorial

St. John’s Tutorial is one of the most popular IELTS coaching centers in Bangladesh. The centers provide flexible timings by holding IELTS coaching sessions in morning, afternoon and evening shifts. The center provides a rigorous and flexible course syllabus for students of all categories. St. John’s Tutorial is located in Lalmatia of Dhaka.

3. Mentors’


Established in 1996, Mentors’ is one of the most prestigious and top coaching centers for IELTS preparation. The center boasts highly skilled and experienced tutors alongside a rigorous course syllabus with numerous mock exams, practice sessions and dedicated course materials.

The center offers flexible course options that encompass regular, executive and crash courses, catering to all types of students. Mentors have numerous branches in Dhaka, in areas namely Kalabagan, Banani, Mouchak, Mirpur, and Uttara.

4. PIE International

PIE International is one of the most highly acclaimed IELTS coaching centers in Bangladesh. Till date, they have provided their IELTS services to more than 5000 students. The center boasts highly trained and experienced teaching staff. They offer rigorous and dedicated course materials for student success. They have numerous branches throughout Dhaka, namely in Dhanmondi, Uttara, Banani and Shiddeshwari.

5. WINGS Learning Centre

WINGS Learning Centre is a pioneering language training organization of Bangladesh, The center serves as a British Council IELTS test center and registration point. WINGS Learning Center offers numerous types of IELTS preparation coaching options, catering to all types of students in addition to rigorous and dedicated syllabuses to make students excel in their IELTS examinations. They are located in Dhanmondi of Dhaka.

6. Saifur’s IELTS Coaching Center

Established in 2002, Saifur’s is one of the most prominent IELTS training centers in Bangladesh. The center offers highly experienced language teachers with flexible course options. They offer rigorous study schedules, assessments and course materials.

7. IELTS Spirit

IELTS Spirit is one of the most dedicated IELTS coaching centers in Bangladesh. The center offers flexible course options, namely, special, crash and one to one course programs, catering to a diverse set of students. The center has dedicated teaching stuff to help ensure students perform well in their IELTS examinations, alongside highly effective course materials. IELTS Spirit is located in Uttara of Dhaka.

8. SALT Lab

SALT Lab is one of the best IELTS coaching centers in Bangladesh. It is run by ex-IELTS teachers and examiners of the British Council. It offers a rigid and dedicated course structure for its students, with numerous practice sessions and course materials. Furthermore, it also offers free IELTS mock tests to its students. SALT Lab is located in Progoti Shoroni in Dhaka.

9. British American Resource Center (BARC)

British American Resource Center (BARC)

The British American Resource Center (BARC) is one of the most prestigious IELTS coaching centers that has produced many high-scoring IELTS candidates. To offer flexibility, BARC offers 5 types of courses, from beginner level courses or A1 to Advanced IELTS candidates courses or C1. BARC is situated in Uttara of Dhaka.

10. FutureEd English Bangladesh

FutureEd English Bangladesh is a highly dedicated IELTS coaching center of Bangladesh. They boast highly trained and skilled IELTS tutors. To make their services more flexible, they offer 2 types of IELTS courses, namely their regular IELTS courses and their IELTS crash courses FutureEd English Bangladesh is located in Banani of Dhaka.

11. NextStep Bangladesh

NextStep Bangladesh is a highly acclaimed IELTS coaching center with a highly experienced and skilled teaching staff. They offer 4 types of online courses and 5 types of offline courses to cater to all types of students. The company boasts a high rate of successful IELTS candidates. It is located in Uttara of Dhaka.

12. GREC Bangladesh

Founded in 2008, GREC Bangladesh or ‘The Graduate Resources Enhancing Center Bangladesh’ is one of the most renowned IELTS coaching centers in Bangladesh. The center has produced many high scoring IELTS candidates with the help of rigorous and dedicated tutoring of their teachers.

They offer 4 types of courses, namely, IELTS Premium course, Rapid IELTS Course, IELTS Mock Bundle of 7 (Paper-Based), and IELTS Executive Crash Course (Weekend). GREC Bangladesh is located in Lalmatia of Dhaka.

IELTS is one of the most acceptable English Language tests that is acceptable tests that is accepted by universities and other institutions worldwide. Having a good IELTS result verifies an individuals overall command over the English language.

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